Who’s Who.

Teaching Staff.

Mr MG Simpson

Headteacher (SLT)

Miss A Stewart

Deputy Headteacher (SLT)

Mr S Van Der Merwe

Deputy Headteacher (SLT)

Mrs H Donnellan

Assistant Headteacher (SLT)

Mrs M Bassett

Head of St Patrick, Maths and English

Mr M Boyce

Subject Leader Maths

Mr P Brown

Subject Leader English

Mr M Brook


Mrs L Cowling

KS2 Teacher

Mr T Crapnell

Subject Leader ICT

Mrs J Davies

SENDCo, Drama

Mr M Eames

Subject Leader PE, Head of Year 7

Mrs J French

Subject Leader History and RE

Mrs H Hyman


Mr S Johnson

Subject Leader French

Mr G Jones

Head of St David, Maths

Miss L Jones

Subject Leader, Geography

Miss S King

Subject Leader PSHCE

Miss H Lau


Miss D Love

Subject Leader Music

Mr S Matthews

English, History, RE

Mrs S McEwen


Mrs M Milton


Ms T Mollis


Miss A Norman

Maternity Leave

Mrs C Page


Mrs M Purves


Mrs A Selby

Food / Textiles

Mrs R Sheppard

Maths and Science

Mrs H Shirvington

Head of St George, French

Mrs C Simpson

PE and English

Mr C Smith

Subject Leader Science

Mr P Salamon

Subject Leader Design Technology

Mr J Ulph

Head of Year 6; English, Maths

Miss S Warren

Subject Leader Art, Head of St Andrew

Mrs E Warner

Head of Year 5, English

Mrs L Zarei

English (Maternity Leave)

Miss E Zeitz

EAL Language Assistant

Learning Support Staff.

Mrs J Davies


Mrs C Brightman

Assistant SENDCo

Mrs M Common

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Fossey

Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Hawkey

Teaching Assistant

Ms J Hay

Teaching Assistant

Mr J Meek

Teaching Assistant

Miss H Muskett

Teaching Assistant

Miss F Newbury


Mrs K Playle

Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Richardson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Sillett

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Wallis

Teaching Assistant

Miss B Wells

Teaching Assistant

Administrative Staff.

Mrs C Dinner

School Business Manager (SLT)

Mrs K Armstrong

Assessment Administrator

Mrs L Fuller

Office Manager

Mrs S Law

Assistant Business Manager

Mrs J Latham

Administrative Assistant

Mrs K Willoughby

Finance Assistant

Education Support.

Mrs L Bennett

Student and Staff Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mr L Griffin

PE Technician

Mrs L Jenkins

Cover manager, Cover supervisor

Mrs N Manning

Technology and Art Technician, School Displays

Mr G Sopp

Science Technician

Mrs G Stephenson

English as an Additional Language Co-ordinator

Mrs E Vincent

Cover supervisor

Miss A Watson


Site Team.

Mr D Shaw

Site Manager

Mr S Caldwell

Site Agent

Mr S Parris


Mrs B Yates


Mrs T Clarke


Mrs K Arnold


Mrs M Wood


Mrs S Boland