School Uniform.

Parents and staff are rightly proud of the high standards of dress achieved by the students at Holywell. All students are required to wear uniform.

Girls Uniform Boys Uniform
Blazer Black Blazer Black
House Badge  * For blazer House Badge  * For blazer
Skirt Plain grey, no more than 7.5cm above knee Trousers Grey, not cords or denims
Trousers (optional) Plain grey – not cords, denims, leggings
Jumper/Cardigan Plain grey, ‘V; necked Jumper/Cardigan Plain grey, ‘V; necked
Shirt White Shirt White
School Tie   * Black and gold clip-on School Tie     * Black and gold clip-on
White polo shirt Summer term White polo shirt Summer term
Socks White, grey or black, (No trainer socks) Socks White, grey or black, (No trainer socks)
Tights Plain black or grey
Shoes Black, heels no higher than 4cm; no boots or trainers Shoes Black,  no boots or trainers
Coat Any plain style Coat Any plain style


Games skirt Black Rugby Shirt* Black/Gold reversible*
Shorts Black Shorts Black
Sports shirt* With school logo* Sports shirt* With school logo*
Fleeces* Black with school logo
Socks Knee length black * and short white Socks Knee length black* and short white
Trainers (not basketball boots) Trainers (not basketball boots)
Football boots Football boots
Track Suit (optional) Track Suit (optional)
Towel Towel
Shin Pads Shin Pads

Items marked with * are available from school


It should be noted that the school does not accept highly fashionable or extreme haircuts and colours. Hair should not be cut shorter than a no 2. If you are in any doubt about the validity of a hairstyle, please contact the school.

Jewellery and Make-up.

To avoid any dangers or loss or accident to the wearer or other student, expensive items must not be worn. No necklaces or bracelets are permitted unless they are part of your religious faith. One plain ring is allowed. Earrings – plain studs, only one in each earlobe, these must be removed for PE/Games lessons. Make-up is not allowed.