Religious Education.

Subject Leader: Mrs J French

Vision / Intent:

RE is a vital part of the Holywell Middle school curriculum with cross-curricular links to not only the other Humanities subjects but also to English, Art, Music and Drama. As a values school, we place great emphasis on the development of mutual respect and have created a school that is both welcoming and caring towards everyone who joins us. These values are embodied within the RE curriculum as we seek to explore further pupils' understanding of and respect for other cultures and religions, while still retaining Christianity as the underlying belief system of the school community.

Pupils are encouraged not only to learn about aspects of religion, belief and worship, but also to identify, cross-examine and refine their own beliefs in the light of their learning. All this takes place within a safe and caring environment in which pupils can explore their thoughts and feelings with growing confidence, encouraged by both their peers and teachers.

Approach / Philosophy / Implementation:

RE is taught for 1 hour a week. A variety of teaching methods are used that are tailored to different learning styles. These include comprehension, roleplay, hot-seating, sorting activities, metacognition and experiential learning. The aim is to spend at least 1 active lesson where students take ownership of their learning using some of the techniques outlined above. The following lesson will often involve a written task that assesses this learning. The combination of active learning and extended writing is proving to be very effective. Pupils engage well with lessons and are keen to show off their learning.

Department Members

  • Mrs J French             RE Subject Leader
  • Mr C Smith                RE Teacher
  • Mr D Armitage          RE Teacher
  • Miss E Martin           RE Teacher
  • Mr L Hillard              RE Teacher
  • Mr M Brook              RE Teacher
  • Mrs M Purves          RE Teacher
  • Miss S Hammond   RE Teacher
  • Miss S Mayles          RE Teacher

Topic Overview 2021-22:

Year 5

  • Autumn Term - Judaism
  • Spring Term - The Life of Jesus
  • Summer Term - Worship

Year 6

  • Autumn Term - Jesus' Teachings and their influence today
  • Spring Term - Sikhism
  • Summer Term - Sacraments/Rites of Passage

Year 7

  • Autumn Term - Salvation
  • Spring Term - Islam
  • Summer Term - Love versus Prejudice and Discrimination

Year 8

  • Autumn Term - The Nature of God
  • Spring Term - Hinduism
  • Summer Term - Poverty and Injustice