The vision of the Science department is to make learning about the world in which we live fun, active and thought provoking. The aim is to deliver this through practically driven lessons that challenge, enthuse and engage all pupils.

We enjoy teaching a subject that presents pupils with many opportunities for collaboration and independent work in each of the varied units taught. We enjoy setting practical challenges, using the latest interactive technology and engaging discovery tasks to build curiosity and a love of learning. We consider ourselves a supportive, fun and enthusiastic team that will inspire pupils to think more deeply about the world around us.

Approach / Philosophy:

Science is an important subject that improves the quality of lives and increases the readiness to face challenges of the future. It is a subject that many future careers are built on and we understand Middle School years are a time to inspire and enthuse pupils to question their career choices and dreams for adulthood. We also know that encouraging pupils to develop enquiring minds that question and challenge is vital for future success at Upper School and the challenges of GCSE. In support of this, we provide a stimulating, practical curriculum at both key stage 2 and 3 that balances practical experience and theory. The three disciplines: biology, chemistry and physics are all incorporated into units of work at both key stages.  We are fortunate in having an experienced team of specialist science teachers with a whole host of strategies to enthuse, encourage and nurture all pupils from those that need stretching to those that need support. To aid pupils’ learning we have a wide range of scientific practical resources, a bank of IPADS and well stocked laboratories used daily by our dedicated team. We plan educational visits to places such as the Big Bang Fair and Nissan R&D facilities and are always on the lookout for new opportunities and places to visit that will enhance and support our curriculum.

Department Members

Mr C. Smith                  Science Subject Leader

Mrs H. Donnellan       Deputy Headteacher/ Science Teacher

Mrs J.  Austin               Science Teacher

Mrs R. Sheppard         Science Teacher/ Maths Teacher

Miss A. Blissett            Science Teacher

Mr J. Ulph                     Science Teacher

Mr C. Evans                 Science  Technician

Topic Overviews 2020-21:

Year 5

·         Introduction to Middle School Science

·         Properties and changes of materials

·         Changes of state

·         The water cycle

·         Earth and Space

·         Forces

·         Life processes

·         Plant life cycles

Year 6

·         Properties and changes of materials

·         Animals including humans

·         Keeping healthy

·         Electricity.

·         Light.

·         Evolution and inheritance

·         Adaptation

·         Animal lifecycles

Year 7

·         Cells

·         Reproduction

·         Sound and Waves

·         Light

·         Elements, atoms and compounds

·         The Periodic table

·         Energy

·         Forces

Year 8

·         Reactions

·         Reactions of metals

·         Health and lifestyle

·         Structure & function of the body

·         Acids & alkalis

·         Separation techniques

·         Adaptation and inheritance

·         Electricity & magnetism