Information Communication Technology.

Subject Leader: Mr J Burnham

Vision / Intent:

The ICT department wants ICT to be fun for the students and we hope that students will say it is their favourite lesson. Many do! Children often use computers but we want to develop their knowledge and understanding of some different areas of ICT. The teaching of different types of coding is a key area and students will meet coding in a number of different ways. We also focus on spreadsheets and control technology both of which have repeated modules. Other modules include HTML and Website construction, Rule Based systems to design computer games, Hardware and Graphics.

Approach / Philosophy / Implementation:

Students have a one-hour lesson a week. These lessons are practical with students almost always working on their own computer. We teach in modules of work which we believe gives the students the opportunity to practise and develop their skills in more detail. Short modules of work last about half a term and long modules last a term. Each module of work ends with an end-of-module test which tests the student's knowledge and understanding in a non-threatening way. The student's mark in these tests is correlated against their scores in English and Maths to help spot those who are not achieving to their full potential. Wherever possible we use free software so that students can further develop their interest and knowledge in their own time.

Department Members

  • Mr J Burnham      ICT Subject Leader
  • Mr L Hillard          ICT Teacher
  • Mr M Brook           ICT Teacher
  • Mr S Wade             ICT Teacher

Topic Overviews 2021-22:

Year 5

  • Graphics - Microsoft Paint
  • Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel
  • Control - Flowol
  • Coding - Logo

Year 6

  • Coding - Kodu
  • Coding - BBC BASIC
  • Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel
  • Control - Flowol

Year 7 

  • Coding - Kodu
  • Spreadsheets - Microsoft Excel
  • Control - Flowol
  • Game design/Rule based system - Mission Maker

Year 8

  • Coding - Scratch
  • HTML - Notepad
  • Website construction - Kompozer
  • Game Construction Mission Maker