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E Safety
E Safety is a very important part of today’s society. The digital world brings many advantages in communication for both children and adults but it is very important for parents to understand how their children are using the internet and how they can be protected from its potential dangers.

Although the lower age limit for use of Facebook is thirteen, we are aware that many of our pupils use it by putting a false age in and though we in no way condone such falsehood, it is important we know how to manage their use of it so they are safe.

A Parents’ Guide to Snapchat is a very informative document for parents.

Think U Know Introduce and explore e-safety issues.

CBBC Stay Safe Promting online safety.

UK Internet Safety Centre is site provides e-safety tips, advice and resources to help children and young poeple stay safe on the internet.

CEOP Website To report aconcern or seek advice.

NSPCC Share Aware Help keep your child safe on social networks.

Gooseberry Planet Information about the dangers of sexting and sexual imagery.

A Parents’ Guide to Snapchat This guide helps you understand how Snapchat works.

BBC Bitesize

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Community Links
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