Supporting Learning.

Parents and Carers have a crucial role to play in supporting students with their learning. Research shows that parental involvement in learning is a key factor to student success. At Holywell, we believe that we must all work together and be co-creators of learning: "I believe that schools can become much more than places where there are big people who are learned and little people who are learners. They can become cultures where youngsters are discovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning and where adults are continually rediscovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning. Places where we are all in it together – learning by heart." (Roland Barth, Learning by Heart) Parents are some of the adults in this equation and it is in learning together that we can secure outstanding outcomes for all of our children.

What can parents do to help?

1. Take an interest

2. Read with your son/daughter

3. Persist

4. Help with organisation

5. Listen

6. Sign the Home-School agreement and support it

7. Communicate with teachers – ask for clarification, ask for support, pass on concerns and successes

8. Be a role-model for learning – learn something new yourself … better still, learn something together

9. Don’t wait for parents’ evening to find out about progress … ask your son/daughter … or contact the class teacher

10. Make sure your child gives you any letters that are sent home.

11. Look out for notices and posters for parents.

12. If you can, check the school website.

13. Try to make it to the fun events, like PTFA events, music evenings, sports fixtures and to parents’ evenings.

14. If you are worried about anything, go and talk to a teacher. They will want to help.

15. Read the article: The impact of parent engagement on learner success (especially the last page: TIPS FOR PARENTS)

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