Subject Leader: Mr S Johnson

Vision / Intent:

The French department endeavours to make learning languages both fun and meaningful, providing students with many opportunities for collaboration and independent work in each lesson. We love to use songs and games, as well as challenges, within the classroom. We consider ourselves to be a dynamic and enthusiastic department which will inspire children to pursue the study of Modern Foreign Languages, and to explore the Franco sphere.

Approach / Philosophy / Implementation:

We believe that becoming confident with a language is a springboard to creativity both in and out the classroom. We consistently emphasize that it is okay to make mistakes, so that students may learn as they decide how to move on from these errors. This open environment allows students to grow in confidence and not to feel intimidated in speaking out in front of the class. We strongly encourage the ‘performance’ element of using the language by establishing some strong cross-curricular links. Students are encouraged to learn grammar and vocabulary through the medium of popular music, and to practice role-plays in French through the medium of Drama.

Providing opportunities to promote intercultural understanding is also a vital element of language learning. We are therefore committed to ensuring that our curriculum and our teaching spaces contains elements of cultural reference to not only France, but the wider Francophone world. In addition to our course text books, we have a wide range of resources such as original French-language films, video clips and target-language websites. We also plan educational visits to places such as The Europa Centre, the British Film Institute and, of course, France.

Department Members

  • Mr S Johnson                   French Subject Leader
  • Mrs H Shirvington          French teacher
  • Mr M G Simpson             French teacher and Headteacher

Topic Overview 2021-22:

Year 5

  • Classroom instructions
  • Equipment
  • The alphabet
  • Masculine and feminine nouns
  • Numbers 1-31
  • Days of the week
  • Countries and nationalities
  • Dates and birthdays
  • Descriptions of people and personal items.
  • The Francophone world
  • Personality adjectives

Year 6

  • Family
  • School subjects, opinions, reasons and comparisons.
  • Revision of animals and colours
  • The verb AVOIR and the perfect tense
  • Describing places to live
  • Talking about free time
  • Food and drink
  • Partitive articles
  • Negative forms
  • Transactional language – restaurants and shops. Il faut + infinitive

Year 7

  • Describe a town
  • Say what activities you can do at different places
  • Ask for and give directions
  • Identify and describe the location of places on a map
  • Arrange to go out, and discuss meeting places
  • Clothes
  • Weather
  • Regular –ER verbs
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Free time and weekend activities. Reflexive verbs
  • Usual, preferred and dream holidays
  • Holiday items
  • Regular –IR verbs
  • Perfect, near future and conditional tenses 

Year 8

  • Winter and summer sports – likes and dislikes
  • Leisure activities and holidays.
  • Revision of conditional tenses
  • Body parts and injuries
  • Famous sportspeople
  • Perfect tense with ALLER
  • Talk about sports that you like and do
  • Talk about winter and summer sports
  • Talk about leisure activities and active holidays
  • Name parts of the body and talk about sports injuries
  • Talking about where you live
  • Daily routine
  • Perfect tense with ÊTRE
  • Revision of reflexive verbs, comparisons and near future tense
  • Types of TV shows and films
  • Direct object pronouns
  • Musical genres and reading preferences
  • Advertising films
  • Geography of Francophone countries
  • Revision of near future tense
  • Comparing France and the UK
  • Geography of France
  • Famous French people / characters
  • Jobs and technology