Whole-School Aims and Objectives.

What are we trying to achieve?

In 2017-2018 we have three things which are driving our work:

1. Our School Vision Statement
At Holywell, our vision is to be an outstanding Christian learning community where everyone is valued as a unique individual and where everyone feels safe. We will aim to be the best we can possibly be, to treat others as we wish to be treated and to make a positive difference to our community and beyond. We strive to be peaceful problem-solvers with open minds and hearts, living God’s love and being kind.

2. The desire to be a sector-leading Learning Community
At Holywell School, we are aiming to be 'Outstanding' and we are ambitious for us to be a sector-leading Learning Community where students and staff work together as co-constructors of outstanding learning. We also agree with the educationalist Roland Barth who said: 'I believe that schools can become much more than places where there are big people who are learned and little people who are learners. They can become cultures where youngsters are discovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning and where adults are continually rediscovering the joy, the difficulty, and the excitement of learning. Places where we are all in it together – learning by heart.’ (Barth, 2001: Learning by Heart, p29)

3. Our School Improvement Plan
Our School Improvement Plan is an extensive document which details the actions we will need to take to realise our vision of being an outstanding Christian learning community. The five key areas of focus are:
- Achieving higher levels of attainment and progress
- Securing Outstanding Teaching and Learning
- Narrowing the Gap (& understanding the data)
- Improving the monitoring and tracking of behaviour.
- Further developing Holywell’s Christian and Church of England School Ethos
- Building for the future

See the attached link for a summary of the document.

School Improvement Plan.