School Improvement.

Whole-School Aims and Objectives.

What are we trying to achieve?

At Holywell, our vision is that everyone in our community chooses to “Live Life in all its Fullness” (John 10:10). Inspired by the teaching of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, we choose …

            to live our values,

                         being the best we can be

                                                       in community.

The 2023-2024 School Improvement Plan for Holywell is designed to ensure that the vision above is realised and that we secure a high quality learning experience for all. It has also been designed to secure rapid improvement in the areas identified in the most recent Ofsted and SIAMS inspections so that the school is judged as ‘Outstanding’ in the next round of inspections.

In the last OFSTED inspection (SECTION 8) – July 2023. The school was described as ‘A good school’. Ofsted Priorities:

• Leaders need to ensure that all teachers adapt their teaching approaches to meet the needs of pupils with all levels of prior attainment and SEND effectively.
• Leaders should ensure that all staff use the agreed protocols for dealing with disruptive and disengaging behaviour consistently and fairly.

Section 48 SIAMS Priorities
To improve further the school should:

  • Drawing on the clear Christian commitment of leaders, clarify, articulate and share a vision for the school which is expressed in explicitly Christian terms. Ensure it is used to inform and evaluate all policy and practice as well as considerations relating to the possible development of a multi-academy trust.
  • Establish strategies for evaluating the impact of collective worship which enable the views of adults and pupils throughout the school community to inform positive planned future developments.

In order to ensure the school vision is understood, known by all and drives the work of the school, the 2023-2024 School Improvement Plan has been structured around key aspects of the vision statement. Our School Improvement Plan has also been designed to ensure that gaps in learning which arose due to the Covid-19 pandemic are also addressed. 

Our School Improvement Plan has been written in line with our overarching vision for all to ‘live life in all its fullness’ and the three key priorities:

  1. To live our values
  2. To be the best we can be
  3. To work and live ‘in community’

Key actions are as follows:

1. to live our values

  • For members of our school community to live out our values in everything we do

2. to be the best we can be academically, socially and personally.

  • Academically: Everyone is achieving high standards.
  • Socially: Everyone is respectful and kind.
  • Personally: Everyone is safe and flourishing.

3. to work and live ‘in community’

  • To further develop the Christian vision and work of the school
  • To support all of our Holywell community in their spiritual development enabling all to flourish
  • To further develop and evaluate Collective Worship (SIAMS 2016)
  • To further develop the wider community work of the school
  • To prepare for the development and transition of the Holywell Community to becoming a Secondary School

*Curriculum Intent: We are committed to a deep and rich curriculum that enables students: ● to achieve high standards ● to be ‘secondary ready’ ● to be independent, curious learners ● to be ready to take on challenges with an open, positive and caring approach  ● to be discerning, thoughtful members of their community ● to serve others  ● to be grounded in strong Christian values so that they can make ethical and informed choices and decisions.  We believe that the curriculum of the school:  ● should be designed to enable our children to enjoy and achieve, to grow and prosper, and to be stimulated by learning ● must look to serve the full breadth of student ability and the variety of interests and skills ● must be coherent and well planned ● must be designed, over time, to maximise the likelihood that children will remember and connect the steps they have been taught ● should be designed to develop the wider cognitive skills of analysis, evaluation, problem-solving, creativity and independence.

A full copy of the School Improvement Plan is available on request from

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