Subject Leader: Mrs J French

Vision / Intent

History is an exciting and dynamic subject that aims to bring the subject alive and foster in children a love for learning about the past. Plans are already in place to introduce annual external visits to reinforce class-based learning in a fun and interactive way. Future plans are to establish a History club where pupils can be involved in drama re-enactments of the past as well as giving pupils the opportunity to investigate aspects of History in which they take a personal interest.

Approach / Philosophy / Implementation:

Pupils receive a 1-hour lesson a week in each year and follow National Curriculum guidelines for history. Whilst the programmes of study are content-based and predominantly chronological, opportunities have been made for pupils to engage in independent learning and to partake in "fun" activities to bring the subject to life. These include re-enactment of battles, role-plays, hot-seating, competitions, card-sort activities and more.

Pupil involvement in lessons is very important and lessons have paired, group and whole-class discussions and debates built in to try to engage pupils and encourage them to take an active role in their own learning.

Department Members

  • Mrs J French               History Subject Leader
  • Mrs A Jeavons             History Teacher
  • Mr C Smith                  History Teacher
  • Mr D Armitage            History Teacher
  • Ms E Stephens            History Teacher
  • Miss J Scott                 History Teacher
  • Mrs M Bassett            History Teacher
  • Mrs M Milton              History Teacher
  • Mr S Van Der Merwe History Teacher
  • Mr S Wade                   History Teacher

Topic Overviews 2021-22:

Year 5

  • Autumn Term - The History of Cranfield
  • Spring Term - The Ancient Greeks
  • Summer Term - The Roman Empire

Year 6

  • Autumn Term - The Anglo Saxons
  • Spring Term - The Vikings
  • Crime and Punishment, The Ancient Maya

Year 7

  • Autumn Term - Britain c.1066-1450
  • Spring Term - Britain c.1066-1450, Britain c.1450-1700
  • Summer Term - Britain c.1459-1700

Year 8

  • Autumn Term - Britain and Empire c.1700-1900
  • Spring Term - Britain and Empire c.1700-1900
  • Summer Term - The Slave Trade, Political Reform and Votes for Women